A new book+CD has just come out with Vernon Press, originating from the 3rd AEMC Conference on Music, Communication and Performance

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The AEMC is a cultural project by ​​Alberto Nones. It organizes a variety of activities on music and communication, among which an annual academic conference on "Music, Communication and Performance", and the "AEMC International Chamber Music Competition"

Our activities

The books+CDs which resulted from the 1st and 2nd AEMC Conference on Music, Communication and Performance 


The AEMC organizes an INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE on the nexus between the communication of music and musical performance. The 1st Academic Conference on "Music, Communication and Performance" was held on 23-24/06/2018, with scholars and artists from the USA, UK, the Philippines, New Zealand, Uruguay, Finland, Poland, Belgium, Austria and Italy.  The second edition took place on 29-30 June 2019, with participants from the USA, Australia, India, Colombia, Portugal, Germany and Italy. The third edition was held online due to the coronavirus pandemic, with participation of scholars and musicians from all over the world; online will be held also the fourth edition, 2021. More info here


We also created an INTERNATIONAL CHAMBER MUSIC COMPETITION, whose first edition received applications of ensembles from 12 countries and assigned the 1st prize to Duo Elsa (France), the 2nd prize to Quartet Fenris (France), and 3rd ex-aequo to Duo Pokatov-Grekhova (Russia) and Trio Aperto (Czech Republic). The second edition has received applications from 17 countries and assigned the 1st prize to the Eurasia Quartet (the Netherands), 2nd prize to Duo Emil (Norway), and 3rd prize to the Polish Violin Duo (Poland). The third edition has received applications from 8 countries and has just proclaimed 1st prize the Tanaka-Dziurbiel Piano Duo (Austria), 2nd prize the Triomoser (Austria) and 3rd prize the Duo Bujok (Poland). More info here 


The AEMC also organizes MASTERCLASSES and other programs with renowned teachers of Italian Conservatories, among which an ACADEMY in Opera Singing (with M° Nunzia Santodirocco) and Piano (with M° Alberto Nones) which confers a "Diploma of Master in Teaching and Performance". The first Masterclass, in Violin with Franco Mezzena, was held from 14-17 December 2017 with a final concert on December 16. The second Masterclass, in Choral Conducting with Aldo Cicconofri, was held on April 7-8, 2018, with a final concert on April 8 at the Church of San Marco in Montecassiano; this Masterclass in Choral Conducting took place again in February 2019. On August 29-31, 2021, an innovative Masterclass in Musical Interpretation with Alberto Nones reopened the teaching activities after the various lockdowns, with the participation of pianists from Italy and Palestine; it will be repeated in February 2022. More info and Registration form here 

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In the field of communication, we organize TALKS and SEMINARS with philosophers, writers, communicators, public intellectuals, and artists. The first event was a Presentation and Book Signing with author Simona Morani on 23/12/2017. On 10/03/2018 another seminar was held on Music education in Italy after the  reform of the Conservatories, with Senator Luciana Sbarbati, speaker of that law, and Eros Roselli, author of a recent book on this subject. On 24/11/2018 we had Angelo Dolce present his book Manuale wagneriano per la disabilità. Ideologia e metodo per una didattica inclusiva (Zecchini, 2018). On 15/04/2019 songwriter Marta De Lluvia introduced her new album, Grano. On 10/05/2019 we had a performance by poet Morena Oro. These activities have been suspended due to the pandemic and will resume when it will be possible


The AEMC provides assistance in the organization of festivals such as the "Montecassiano Music Festival", "L'AltRa Stagione" of Porto Recanati, "Da Mane a Sera: Concerti nella Natura sull'Altopiano della Vigolana" and "OMaggio musicale vigolano" in Trentino, and "Musicangelica", concerts at Castelsantangelo sul Nera, in an area of the Marche devastated by the 2016 earthquake. These festivals have been created by the AEMC President, Alberto Nones, and now entrusted to younger generations. The AEMC maintains the artistic direction of the Montecassiano Music Festival


COMMUNITY SERVICE. In collaboration with UniMacsi of Montecassiano, the Association offers every year a popular Music Appreciation course, given by Prof. Nones, addressed first of all to the citizens of Montecassiano. This course, suspended in March 2020 due to the pandemic, will resume when it will be advisable to do so

The headquarter of the AEMC is located at the noble level of a magnificent palace  with frescoed celings in Montecassiano. A wonderful church, provided serves as our hall for large events. All the musical instruments (including a Steinway B and an August Foerster concert grand), as well as the library annexed to the office of the President, belong to the private collection of Alberto Nones

Montecassiano is listed among "Italys' most beautiful villages", the "bandiere arancioni del Touring" and the "spighe verdi". It offers the peace of a medieval village surrounded by city walls, but is just a few kilometers from the lively town of Macerata, with its university and theaters, and not far from the Conero Riviera, which boasts some of the most pristine beaches of the Adriatic Sea. One can also visit prime religious and cultural centers, such as the Loreto Basilica or poet Giacomo Leopardi's birthplace Palazzo Leopardi in Recanati. The AEMC is an ideal venue where to spend a time of cultural growth and well-being. For the accommodation of our guests, we have set up an hospitality agreement with Villa Quiete, a fantastic boutique hotel based in a villa of Montecassiano where Rossini too sojourned